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29 January 2015

Screenshots Feature: HistWar: Les Grognards

It's a game named after gamers! Well actually, no, it's a game named after gamers which is named after a type of soldier in 19th century Europe. But really, it's a new game about Napoleonics. Chris Abele clarifies.

Published on 18 AUG 2005 12:00am by Scott Parrino
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HistWar: Les Grognards strikes me as a particularly good name.  This new wargame seems to be saying: "look, let's not beat around the bush here - this game is for grognards."  The term grognards, of course, refers to dedicated or hardcore wargamers, but has its origins within Napoleon's Old Guard; veteran soldiers, especially the grumpy ones, were called grognards.  Indeed, developer Jean-Michel Mathé's latest work is exactly that: a wargame about grognards designed for grognards.

Grognards will no doubt remember Mathé's previous work, La Grande Armee at Austerlitz and 1806, two other wargames set during the Age of Napoleon.  Les Grognards is a 3D, real-time tactical and strategic game in which players issue orders at multiple levels of command.  At the outset of a battle, players issue a simple set of commands at the Grand Tactical, Tactical, or Regimental AI levels, which controls everything from the movement of regiments to managing divisional reserves to ordering the general movements or strategies of entire corps.  This innovative command system lets players choose their level of involvement, which may or may not translate into an effective command style for the battle at hand.  To add to the challenge, Les Grognards adds such factors as orders arriving too late or enemy intercepts learning of particular movements.

While Cossacks II and Imperial Glory were more "Napoleonics lite", expect HistWar: Les Grognards to be much more inline with the more thoroughly-researched Crown of Glory. The new title uses not only historically authentic (and exhaustively researched, I'm told) units and uniforms (550 of them!), but also more than 4,000 actual commander names, and such soldier classes as Cuirassiers, Hussars, Chasseurs, Carbiniers, Lancers and more.  Plus, the game offers full OOB, map, and doctrine editing to further customize the grognard experience.

HistWar: Les Grognards is currently in beta testing, and Battlefront hopes to release the game sometime later this year.  We recommend thoroughly browsing the official web site for more details or checking out these 30, all-new exclusive screenshots.


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