24 July 2014

Industry News

Enemy Is Almost Upon Us

Turn-based strategy game that uses classic videogame characters close to release

After Action Report

Wargame Red Dragon A History of the Korean War (Pusan to Chinese intervention)

We conclude Matthew Flanigans AAR

The Retro-Grognard

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Liberty or Death retrospective

Industry News

Matrix Games are Steaming Along

More Matrix/Slitherine titles are being released on Steam

Historical Article

Revenge for Pearl Harbor

The Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, 18 April 1942

Miniatures Review

Wings of Glory Take to the Air Again

New World War I Airplane Packs Game Review

First Impressions

Battle Fleet 2 Sails Onto PC, Mac, IPad and Android

Turn based naval battles in the Pacific of WW2

Industry News

Battle Academy 2 on the way

Release date getting closer, but still secret


Commander The Great War for iPad

We talk to Lordz Games Studio about converting the PC game to iPad


Your Face in Victory at Sea

Naval gaming immortality awaits the lucky two

Latest News

Press Release

Wargame: Red Dragon Gets New DLC

Wargame Red Dragon celebrates its millionth copy of Wargame with the free DLC: The Millionth Mile! 

Press Release

Mordheim: City of the Damned

The Sisters of Sigmar in screenshots

Press Release

Its All About the Cheese in the First Tropico 5 DLC Pack

‘The Big Cheese’ Available Now! Plus, latest update 1.04 adds save games to multiplayer and other fixes

Press Release

Machines at War 3

Now Available On Steam

Press Release

The Wolf Returns in Stronghold Crusader 2

Pre-order trailer reveals new gameplay footage, pre-purchase bonuses and the return of series antagonist The Wolf

Press Release

Wargaming Brings its Naval MMO to gamescom 2014

World of Warships to make its first public debut at this year's expo

Press Release

Transport Empire for Android

Game Insight Launches Economic Strategy Game

Community News

Sad News to Report

Robert Coggins, co-author of Napoleon’s Battles, has passed away

Press Release

The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault

New Warhammer® 40,000® tactical strategy game coming to iOS and Android this fall

Press Release

Introducing the Port Map in Armored Warfare

My.com has revealed new information for the Port location in Armored Warfare

Press Release

Matrix Games Deal of the Week Announced

Combat Command is the latest discount

Press Release

Apollo 11 heads back to the Moon

A  memorial trailer for the 45th anniversary and to announce the official release date 

Press Release

'Ground Pounders' Has Been Deployed!

Futuristic turn based strategy wargame from Kerberos Productions

Press Release

Battle Fleet 2 Launches on Mac, Windows, iOS, & Android

Cross platform turn based naval combat set in WW2!

Press Release

Rise of Venice: Gold Edition Available Now Via Digital Distribution

Comprehensive Gold Edition includes acclaimed strategy title and all released additional content

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First Impressions: Battle Fleet 2 Sails Onto PC, Mac, IPad and Android

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