30 September 2014


Making Gettysburg

We interview Game-Labs creators of Ultimate General: Gettysburg


Games Are Useless Distractions and That's Okay

Guest editorial from James Tanaleon

Press Release

Steel, Sea and Strategy

Beta of Frontline The Longest Day has just landed on the Slitherine beaches

Historical Article

The Race For the Sea

The Battle of Ypres Autumn 1914

Miniatures Review

Raise the Mizzenmast

Sails of Glory 2014 Expansions Reviewed


Trailst thou the puissant pike?

Wargamer.com interview Richard Bodley Scott about Pike and Shot

Press Release

Highway to Hell!

A diabolical strategy game is announced and ready for beta.

iPad Game Review

The Great War on the Move

Commander The Great War for the iPad reviewed

Book Review

The Normandy Battlefield: D-day and the Bridgehead

A Wargamer.com book review

PC Game Review

Sent To The Eastern Front

Wargamer.com review Battle Academy 2

Latest News

Press Release

Empyrion - Galactic Survival

The space survival adventure you have been waiting for so long...?

Press Release

Matrix Deal of the Week

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations WOTY

Press Release

Your World Will Burn Total War Attilia Announced

The Next Thrilling Entry in the Total War Series Takes Players to the Brink of the Apocalypse

Press Release

Conn, Sonar! New Ship Spotted!

Introducing the Wargame of the Year Edition of Command and its Steam release

Press Release

Arma 3 Helicopters DLC available in November

Fly two brand new heavy-lift helicopters, supported by new content and features

Press Release

Forge of Empires for iPhone

iPhone version features single sign-on, cross-platform functionality - Android already in the works

Press Release

Brand New Tropico 5 DLC Mad World Available Now!

Extra content adds new scenario, building and sandbox map

Press Release

Verduns surge to the Frontline!

We’re getting close to release…

Press Release

Lightning apparently does strike twice!

Hunted Cow partners with Dan Verssen Games to release digital editions of the Lighting War card game series

Press Release

Starpoint Gemini 2 Readies Its Rockets For Steam This Week

Where Will You Stand When the Gemini Universe Expands on Friday, September 26?

Press Release

Matrix Deal of the Week

Pandora series including the expansion

Press Release

Will you thrive in the Shadows?

Pandora: Eclipse of Nashira is now available

Press Release

Tropico 5 For Mac and SteamOS Now Available

App Store and Mac/SteamOS users can enjoy cross-platform multiplayer with all Tropico players

Press Release

The Wargame Bundle - now on the AppStore!

Two Battlefront.com games at discount prices

Press Release

Nival Announces Blitzkrieg 3

The long-awaited return of the World War II RTS series on the way

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Miniatures Review: Raise the Mizzenmast

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