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21 December 2014

Movie Review

The Fury of 1945

A review of the Brad Pitt film, Fury

Historical Article

Embattled Sentinel of the Far Pacific

Wake Island The Battle and Siege 8-23 December 1941

Miniatures Review

Bombs Away!

Wings of Glory - Heavy Bomber Packs Game Review

After Action Report

Abstracts from the War Diary of Heeresgruppe C Final Part

Gary Grigsby's War In The West Scenario - Battleground Italy

Press Release

Dont Give Up the Fight!

Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon gets its first major patch!

Press Release

Feel Neptunes Wrath

Frontline: The Longest Day is available now on iOS, Android and PC!

iPad Game Review

Rebellious Colonies

A review of Hunted Cow's Rebels and Redcoats

After Action Report

Abstracts from the War Diary of Heeresgruppe C Part 3

Gary Grigsby's War In The West Scenario - Battleground Italy

Historical Article

Yorkshire Bombarded

The Scarborough Naval Raid, December 1914


Gary Grigsbys War in the West interview the developers

Latest News

Press Release

Ready the Defences!

Imperial Fists Expansion for Space Hulk®: Ascension Is Available Now

Press Release

Christmas Truce!

After months of fighting, we celebrate together

Press Release

Nuts!: Battle of the Bulge

Available for pre-order now on PC & Mac

Press Release

37Games Announces Open Beta for Siegelord

Let the Siege Commence!

Press Release

Out There: Ω Edition

First in-game art and release windows revealed

Press Release

Fox three, good kill!

Flexibility, Sandbox and Creativity are the new pillars of Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations

Press Release

Falling Stars - War of Empires

4x turn based sci-fi strategy game from Lock ‘n Load

Press Release

Crusader Kings II: Way of Life Seduces Digital Storefronts Worldwide

New Expansion and Free Patch v2.3 Launches Today

Press Release

Refight the East Front's Greatest Battles with Maelstrom!

Flying Pig Games Announces New Tactical Gaming System, Old School Tactical

Press Release

Investors needed for insolvent games developer bitComposer

Investment needed to support restructuring

Press Release

Warhammer Quest Announced for Windows PC, Mac and Linux

Launching January, 2015 on Steam

Press Release

Siegelord - Closed Beta

Siegelord Closed Beta is going live on December 16th!

Press Release

Explore A Vast Virtual World - First Game World Trailer For Grand: Ages Medieval Revealed

Build an empire and conquer Europe across a huge game map consisting of over 20 million square kilometres

Press Release

Dwarves finally dug their way to Worlds of Magic

After Orcs it's now the time for the race of Dwarves to join Worlds of Magic and fight for domination in the brand new Hot Seat gameplay mode

Press Release

Synthetic Empires Join Galactic Civilizations III Beta

Mechanical Yor Race Has Come To Prove Organic Life A Mistake After All

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Steam winter sale started

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1st SS Cavalry Brigade

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In: Schwerpunkt
Graphical glitch..

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WWII Europe Patch v1.0.1

Last Reply by Rasputitsa

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After Action Report: Abstracts from the War Diary of Heeresgruppe C Part 3

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